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Related post: Date: Wed, 1st to e masturbation 13 Aug 2003 03:33:49 EDT From: Subject: Rent Boy IIWarningThis is an homoerotic story. It contains scenes of love and sex between teenage boys and some scenes are graphic.If you are under age in your geographical/political area you should press 'back' or leave.This is a 3 4 strapping china work of fiction, any resemblance to living persons is pure chance and not intended. Apologies to Pokemeon Nude girls under 18 Fans. Brock and Ash never do the dirty, Pikachu would get stressed and have to see a for comments/criticism. THE RENT BOYPART IIbyG. Cutter 'What time is it, Brock?' Ash surfaced from a dream of sex and lust, his bum was sore and his dick ached, he felt depleted (just like the uranium), he felt knackered, he felt shagged ..... all in all he felt like shit.'Wassup,' his eyes were gummed up but he could feel the comforting warmth of another body in the bed and the smoothness of something hard yet spongy nudging him in the belly. The cogs and wheels in his mind went into overdrive, who the hell was in bed with him.'You always like this in the morning?'He managed 68 vintage mustang to get his eyes open to find a round faced kid grinning at him. 'Ash,' he groaned and it all came back. 'Gonna make a couple of teas?''Oi. I'm the lodger not the flunkey,' Ash's hand slipped between Brock's legs and gently played with the youth's scrotum. 'Mmm, full again,' Ash giggled 10 ft giantess like the schooly he was.'Make the bloody tea,' Brock pulled 17 yr sex pic the covers upto his chin and glared at the sex maniac he'd picked up last night 45 milf babes and in a moment of madness offered lodging to. The way Ash had performed last night this could be the lodger from Hell. Brock had picked strays up before but none as sexually active as the dark haired kid laying alongside and poking him in the belly ..... with an over- sized erection.'A little suck first, Brocky baby. 'Please, pretty please.''Fuck off, you monster. I know where that's been.''Only up your sweet fanny,' Ash purred and moved in closer slipping his tool between Brock's legs.'That's why I'm not sucking it.''Do you want my babies, sweet 16 nude pictures Brocky?' Ash whispered and placed his full red lips upon 12yo cock Brock's.'Jesus, Ash you were at 16 nonude it all night for God's sake.''Can't help it if I'm virile,' Ash grinned cheerfully and rolled the weakened Brock onto his back. 'There you go,' he kissed Brock again and slowly started to move to and fro between Brock's muscular legs.'Loony mature gallery 65 toons,' Brock gave up and squeezed his legs tightly on his young lodger's hardness, it looked like Ash wasn't boys 46 girls porn going to give up and anyway, if it led to a cup of tea it was worth it.'Can I fuck you,' Ash whispered now thrusting upwards under Brock's 38dd swimsuits balls and own revitalised cock.'I'm supposed to be the butch one.''In your dreams,' Ash laughed and tried to part Brock's legs. The older boy gave in, he parted his legs and Ash did the rest. Lifting his partner's legs he coaxed Brock's legs back onto his chest and then placed his swolled knob at Brock's entrance.Amazingly enough after the night's performance Brock could feel the slipperyness of the boy's precum, the kid was actually dribbling again and as Brock lay back and thought of Queen, Country and the 12yo with dildo High Seas Fleet (as they say) Ash pushed and his outsized organ slipped through Brock's well used sphincter.'Aaah, you are so good,' Ash gently pushed home sheathing his complete 8 inches deep into Brock's welcoming warmth.'You're getting better,' Brock smiled pressing his calves onto Ash's back forcing them even closer, Ash's cock reaching into his very core.'I love a black eyed girl,' Ash crooned softly femdom a2m now moving slowly and gently in Brock's tender arse.'Shut up you lunatic,' Brock laughed in spite of the act, the kid was an alien, he 70s porn seka fran was sure of it.'Here we go,' Ash mumbled as his lips crushed against Brock's. 'Kissy-fucky.' His hips started to pump and Brock lay there wondering how the hell he'd picked up a sex crazed teeny who probably didn't know how to make a dms night24 torrent decent cup of tea, mind you he did know how to fuck.It took time but Ash got there in the end, grunting and gasping he plunged in for the last time spurting and splashing his youthful spunk deep into his 14 y.o. porn free lover's rectum. Brock wriggled on the pumping and squirting, he laughed still spiked on Ash's cock. When the kid had bragged and theatened twenty four inches a night he hadn't said 15yo naked anything about thirty two.'What's so funny?''You making the tea,' Brock grinned and clamped himself as Ash withdrew, the bed didn't need to get any messier and he knew the kid had flooded him yet again. Apart from having an outsized eight inch cock which looked so odd on a boy of Brock's build he came like a pony and this was every time.'Ah well,' Ash slipped from the bed and stood in all his glory, cum stained cock now limpening but with a bead of juice steadily making it way to the floor. 'Where's the tea stuff?''Strangely enough in the kitchen,' Brock lay back in the mess of his bed, if Ash stayed he'd better buy some more sheets or get some plastic. The thought of the dark haired Ash, covered in oil and slithering around on black plastic sent messages to his gonads and he could feel himself rise to the occasion. He slipped from the bed and put a gown on, he had to make a move sooner or later or Randy Pandy would be at it again. Turning the radio on he sat on on of the rooms two armchairs and waited drowsily listening to the radio's babble, at least there were no newsflashed about a demented sex maniac on the loose in Brighton.Brock drifted: Keep your daughters off the streets, there's a sex maniac loose with an eight inch cock, better keep the Mums in as well. Stop Press, the maniac is a gay schooly. LOCK UP THE NEWSPAPER BOYS.He stretched his legs out and grinned as he heard Ash cursing the kettle in the next room. What the hell was he going to do with this kid.The place he had was the upper half of a detached house, the bottom girls 15 age nude half was occupied by other tenants whom he rarely saw, he suspected they commuted upto London during 34 weeks pregnant symptoms the working week and chilled out over 99 escort zx2 the weekend. On the odd occasion he'd bumped into them conversation was minimal, very English, just as Brock liked it. No nosey neighbours. Not that he was in the habit of taking young men home or felt that it was any concern of the neighbours if he did, he just didn't want to gossip or be the subject of gossip.'Tea, Madam,' Ash announced as he entered the room from the kitchen, at least he'd had the sense to put the sugar and milk on a tray. He can't be that stupid Brock thought to porno video 13 yers himself.'Less of the porn 80s Madam, small fry. You don't get to be a 'top' with 118 gay a couple of fucks.''Four to be precise,' Ash grinned cheekily. 'Ash Super Top.' He announced.'Super prick more like.''That too,' Ash crowed. 'Organ of the year,' he openly fondled himself in his nakedness.'Get a towel out of the bathroom,' Brock smiled. 'Before I start getting dirty thoughts.''What,' Brock laughed and stood with his pendulous cock hanging heavy. 'You want more.' He grasped his meat suggestively.'Put something over yourself, case I have a visitor.''Visitor,' Ash squeaked and he nearly spilt his tea, the schooly was back. He put his tea on the carpet and rushed off into the bathroom.'Not so brave, Wimpo,' Brock called after him.On their second mug the conversation got serious.'So, what are you going to do about work?' Brock prompted the boy, things had to be said and some sort of accord had to be reached.''Hadn't thought too much about it,' Ash admitted. 'Thought you might have some ideas.''I have but I don't know if you'll want to know.''Try me,' Ash smiled uncertainly. 16 girls nude He liked Brock, what he's seem of the flat he liked and sex with Brock was a bonus ..... that was excellent, he didn't want be given the old heave ho and finish back out on the street again. Basically he'd do anything Brock suggested or asked.'I work for a Studio, stills and videos, that is. I could use a helper, I can't pay a lot but business is booming, the money will go up.''What sort of pics do you do,' Ash was interested, this didn't sound like hard work, may even be fun.'Nudes,' Brock was evasive and Ash sensed it.'Ah yes,' Ash grinned. 'Male or female?''Guess?''Male, I should think,' Ash grinned. 'What does the assistant have to do,' he gave a look which he imagined to be a leer.'Make a better cup of tea than this crap,' Brock laughed. 'I work with two other guys and we've built this up over a year or so and we've come to the notice of an American company who want to buy in or maybe even buy us amateur actress 01 out ... it's an interesting time, for the Company at least.''How old are you then.' This was a question that Ash had been wanting to ask for some time.'Twenty.''I thought you were younger than that.''I take that as 16 wp grey pants a compliment,' Brock grinned. 'Anyway, we take stills for the old home market as routine bread and butter stuff but also have a couple or three videos which we've famed out to a German Company and the Yanks for copying and distribution.''Sounds fun,' Ash delivered his punch line. 'They dirty or what?''Is sex between consenting males dirty?''Depends where it happens, depends on lots of things,' Ash had lost the track a bit. 'I ain't got a problem as long as no one is forced to do what they do.''All our models are volunteers, they all get paid,' Brock answered.'They all legal?''They sign a docket, we don't ask for Birth Certificates.''Hmmm,' Ash 5 min porn thought on it. Brock's last answer seemed a bit evasive but if he'd been at it for over a year it must be pretty safe.'You'd do well in our current video with what you've got,' Brock smiled. 'Between the legs I mean.''Yeah,' Ash dithered, he needed time to think things out.'Anyway,' Brock felt it was time to Sapphic erotica video 3 let Ash have a chill. 'Programme; shower, etc. A bit of shopping to kit you up. A decent meal in town, a flying visit to the Studio. My two partners ae working but I've got a couple of days off ... gives me time to sort you out.''You got loads of dosh?''Enough to keep you going until you get to be self supporting.''What about rent,' Ash was blunt.'If you use the spare bedroom we'll have to sort something out because I sometimes get asked to put people up. If you share with me I think our informal arrangement will do.'Like last night,' Ash big cheesy grin made him look like a fourteen year old.'Maybe a bit more sedate,' Brock returned the grin, he didn't want to laugh, his bum was a bit sore.Fifteen minutes later and tea disposed of they were in the bathroom, each had let the other have a good clearout in privacy but Brock had invited Ash to share a shower. Ash had clocked Brock's arousal and suspected the twenty year old was up for it again ..... he didn't mind.'Ain't got much room in here,' Ash wriggled his wet body against Brock as they shared the shower, the soap and the sponge.'Room enough,' Brock soaped across the boy's shoulders and gently nudged him around until he was facing the tiled wall.'Brocky, my man. You've got a stiffy,' Ash giggled dbz budokai 2 musci as Brock's soapy hands slid across his nipples and down onto his belly, the older boy's soapy cock slipped between his cute, tight little buns.'Yeah,' Brock breathed heavily, it was a bit uncomfortable doing it in the shower as Ash was a little bit shorter and he had to bend his knees a bit. He sighed as he fed his stiffness into Ash's crack and located the soapy door to Ash's sweet body.'Do it,' Ash placed the flat of his hands onto the tiles and nudged his bottom out, assuming a stop and search position.'Yeah,' Brock breathing heavily grasped Ash's thick cock still not quite hard and gently pushed into welcoming warmth. 'Yeah,' Ash groaned and pushed back absorbing Brock's entry in one slow movement.'Ash, you're the find of the fuckin' century,' Brock babbled as he began to plough Ash's sweet furrow.'Cheap too,' Ash laughed and savagely pushed back onto Brock's thrusts. 'Fuck me, Brockman.'The two bucked, plunged and thrust against each other with Brock's arousal bottoming deep into tender flesh until he felt busted sleeping mp3 his balls tighten and Ash's own penis harden in his hand.'I'm cumming,' Brock gasped as he felt his steam heated jism rush up his cock and shoot four or five busts into his young lover's willing body.''Yeah, yeah, yeah,' Ash pushed back absorbing Brock's maleness and his liquid passion. At the same time his hand replaced Brock's and with a few jerks he too came splatting his semen up onto the shower's wall.'You lose,' Ash laughed as Brock slipped free. 'Four - three.''Big head,' Brock's legs trembled. If he kept this up he was going to have a heart attack before reaching the ripe old age of twenty one.Ash was unconcerned, he'd turned to face Brock and was now busy washing his lover off paying particular attention to the limp penis and balls.They were out of the house by midday and Brock took Ash to the shops and kitted him out with a variety of stuff which included underwear and t-shirts, the kid seemed to have free galleries sweet 16 no 1988 escort mpg spare gear and Brock wanted his new boyfriend clean inside even if he favoured the scruffy look on the outside.They had disneyland vation 5 adults lunch in one of the *****er but good restaurants in Churchill Square where Ash wolfed his food down like he hadn't eaten for weeks.'That's beter,' Ash grinned as he rubbed his belly affording Brock a glimpse of his smooth brown skin.'Hungry were we,' Brock asked with a touch of sarcasm.'Bloody starving,' Ash grinned. 'Hungry for lurv, Brockman,' he allowed his fingers to stray into the top of his jeans. 'I feel the juices rising,' he spoke in a stage whisper.'You are a fuckin' head case,' Brock laughed keeping an eye on the other clients. Brighton was pretty liberal but you needed to watch yourself all the same. Ash needed to learn to keep his antics for the house 10 y.o. porno or the studio because 8th steet porn for the moment he seemed quite happy to have sex on the restaurant floor and that would not be 'on' as our English upper crust would say.'May I be excused, Ma'am, I need to pee,' Ash sat up prim and proper making like a schoolboy.Brock just nodded, there was no putting this kid down.After a chilled lager which even Ash was allowed they left the restaurant and sat on one 80 s pornstars wikipedia of the benches in the square.'Aren't your models worried about someone here recognising them?' Ash asked.'I shouldn't think so. Most of them are transients anyway,' Brock eyed a couple of boys on skates. 'Beautiful,' he murmured.'Slut.''Something like that,' Brock grinned. 'Yeah, the three videos we've done so far were sold in Europe and the Krauts put plinky plonky music on them but there was no speech.' The fourth one has just 14 y.o. pussy gone to these people in the States and they're going to dub them with American kids.''So not a lot of comeback on local guys.''Very slight,' I should think,' Brock looked at his 6 ft playboy bartender watch. 14 yo nude tgp 'Wanna make a move, I'd like to introduce you to Fergus and James, my partners.''OK,' Ash replied nervously. This was a hurdle to be faced, what if these guys didn't like him as much as Brock did?''Don't worry,' Brock smiled at the doubt he saw on Ash's cute face. 'They'll love you.''They won't want to ...... you know.''James has a long term partner and Fergus has a very nice wife with a couple of kids, he wouldn't touch you with a bargepole.''A wife and kids?''Takes all sorts,' Brock grinned. 'We'll go back, sling your kit in the car and shoot over to the studio.''A car?''You are beginning to sound like a fuckin' parrot. Let's go,' Brock marched off with a slightly bewildered Ash in tow. Ash was getting confused, so much had happened in the last fourteen or sixteen hours, information was coming in so fast that the rather poor computer between his ears was beginning to fizzThey got back to Brock's pad and sure enough he opened up a quite respectable Ford Cortina Estate and they clambered onboard. 'About fifteen minutes,' Brock informed Ash as they left. Brock settled down to savour the sights and sounds of Brighton, once known as London by the Sea.The weather helped, it was a hot day but as usual on the coast there was a decent breeze coming off the sea cooling the air and keeping the heat at bay. The traffic going out of the Town centre and progress was slow but Brock finally drove into the driveway of a large detached house facing a well kept park.'James and his boyfriend live downstairs and the rest of it is a reception, studio and whatnot.''Aren't people suspicious,' Ash was worried, if this was a porn kingdom it was all a bit open.'James does wedding photos and christenings, Fergus does publicity and marketing stuff .... ''And you?' Ash looked at Brock keenly.'I do the real work,' Brock grinned and marched upto the front door. 'Follow me, fisherman.''Fisherman?''You gotta be a fisherman, you haven't stopped fishing for the last hour.''Just wanna know what I'm letting myself in for,' Ash followed Brock into the coolness of the hall and then followed him up a broad staircase to be fronted up by a glass panelled door signwritten: Jet Photographic Services.'Come in,' Brock ushered Ash into a small 16 y o nude reception area where two men and a youth were sitting and seemed to be working their way through a case of dumpy bottles of Stella.'Thank Christ,' one of the adults leapt to his feet and glared at Brock. 'Weve been trying to bell you for an hour ... who's this?' He looked at Ash who by now was feeling quite uncomfortable.'My new anal masturbation instructions mp3 assistant,' Brock was annoyed and Ash could see it and so could the others by their looks, the youth or boy just looked lost.'Chill it, partners,' the adult still seated stood up.'Fetch the beer, Gary,' he spoke to the kid. 'Let's all go into the front room, there's a bit more room.'As a group they followed down a small passage into an airy room which overlooked the park and seemed to be a room dedicated to various clothing, a couple of changing screens and boxes of film and paper. Pretty much a junk room Ash surmised although there was a small table and a scattering of chairs.Gary dumped the lager on the table and sat by the window, 12yo erections he was quite clearly not part of the command team whereas the adults clearly were.'Right, what was the panic with the phone call,' Brock started the ball rolling and in the process took charge.'Yeah, sorry about that,' the first man, the one who'd started the yelling apologised. 'Gary got to hear of us in London and phoned us up and I told him to look us up when he 60 masturbation was in Brighton, needless to say he turned up two hours later and here he is.'And?' Brock was still annoyed. 'By the way this is James,' he spoke to Ash. 'And the other guy is Fergus.' Ash just nodded 1st double penetration hurts to them both, this was pretty 45 seconds cum uncharted territory.'That's Gary,' James pointed to Gary who gave Ash a shy little wave but remained at the window keeping well out of the 4 month fetus pictures way.'We've completed Vid 4, Vid 5 storyline is prepared but we thought we'd free porn 14 old go for younger actors,' Fergus started to speak. Gary seemed ideal for one of the leads, so we need to 16 y.o. pussy put him up for a month or so.''And you though, Brock'll do,' Brock winked at Ash. 'Told you about the spare room.''You did,' Ash agreed although he was trying to get a better look at Gary, the boy seemed very attractive but that was just a first impression.'To be blunt ... yeah,' Fergus grinned. 3movs porn movies 'You gonna tell James and I about your friend?''Very quickly,' Brock looked at his partners. 'I met Brock last night, we fucked all night, he's staying with me and he's gonna work as my assistant for a 12yo girls small wage and if I free nude under 16 can get him onto the modelling roll he'll earn even better.''Well done,' James and Fergus laughed out loud, Ash had the grace to blush and Maxwells angels 7-11 Gary who had turned 3rd degree xxx away from the window just grinned.'Welcome,' Fergus rose and offered Ash girls kids naked 15.y.o his hand which Ash shook.'Ditto,' James still seated gave a wave. 'Vid 5 sounds like you. In fact, you and Gary would make good stars if you're compatible that is.''What's compatible mean?''Bluntly?' Brock grinned.'Bluntly?' Brock asked Gary.'Yeah, go on,' Gary had a boyish voice remarkably similar in tone and accent to Ash's.'Compatible in this context means getting on and in this trade that means having sex, enjoying it enough for us to make a good film.''Wow,' Ash felt himself redden up again, he glanced over to see Gary staring at the but his ears were a vika y120 fiery red.'Brock has said it all.' Fergus went to the pack of bottles and dished one out all round. 'If we get around the table James can give us an outline of the storyline .... 16 jears girls porno if we've got time.'There was a general shuffle around and the clinking of bottles as the three men and the two youngsters got themselves seated.'Right,' k9 sex pictures James started. 'Vid 5 - Camping Heaven .......''That's original,' Brock interrupted.'Thank porn mp4 movie you for that, Brock,' James smiled slightly. 'About sixty to seventy minutes of film and we reckon two to three weeks filming if the weather holds and the actors don't fall out and get limp dicks.''That's happened before,' this time Fergus spoke out.'Thank you, Fergus. Can I get on with this,' James was beginning to get irritated, Ash rather thought the guy operated on a pretty short fuse.'Yeah, yeah,' Fergus apologised.'Two mature over 40 tube kids at home ... quick snog and grope .... go camping .... tents, cooking etc, followed by sex. Middle deskjet 6127 flashing lights bit .....different two kids ..... snogging, sixty niner, full sex for both. Final section ..... orignal pair meet another boy ..... tie him up, abuse him and he likes it so they have three way sex, end of story.''Sounds depressingly familiar,' Brock sniffed.'Of course it is,' James shrugged. 'It's the actors or models make the film, not the bloody plot or lack of it even.''Suppose you're right,' Brock admitted. 'What about Gary? He hasn't said a lot.''I'm OK,' Garry grinned sheepishly. 'I've never done anything in front of a camera before.''Have you had sex with another boy before?' Brock asked gently.'No,' the boy mumbled and looked into his 10 hottest celebrities beer bottle as if willing it to swallow him whole.'You knew what the score was when you phoned us,' James put in impatiently. 'This is costing a lot of money to set up .....''Hold it James,' Fergus broke in. 'Gary,' he spoke to the boy. 'If you don't want to be any part of this I'll give you your train fare home and you can go. If you want to give it a go you can go and stay with Brock and Ash and find your feet. We can fix you and Ash a few photoshoots to ease you in.'Say yes, say yes, Ash willed the handsome boy to give it a go, he had a serious case of the hots for the slender kid and would love a bit of seduction and loving.'I can't go home, ls magazine nude 12yo I gotta give it a go,' Gary's voice was barely above a whisper.''What about you Ash?' Fergus looked across.'If I'm gonna get paid for having sex, I'll give it a go.''Slut,' Brock laughed.'You too,' was Ash's less than original retort.'What about these lads and the photoshoot?' Brock asked FergusFergus looked at James as if for approval and Ash wondered who was the 'boss' of the so called partnership.'Monday around two o'clock, two to three hours, sixty quid each,' Fergus paused and looked at the two boys. 'Snogging, erections, blow job each, sixty niner and some come shots from both of you ..... we'll give the anal a miss, unless you run out of money,' he grinned. 'OK.''Cameras?' Brock asked.'Two,.You and I, Fergus replied. 'Both colour, I've finished with panda stuff.''Business concluded,' James stood. 'Mind if I leave you, I've got a hot boyfriend wants to go shopping.''Yeah, OK,' Brock and Fergus walked from the room with James leaving the two boys to themselves.'Where do you come from?' Ash finally broke the silence.'Watford. You?' Gary looked up, his blushing had finally stopped.''Battersea, jewel of the South.''Yeah, like naff,' Gary grinned making him look even younger. Ash had him down for around sixteen but a very young sixteen, he had a strong desire to see the kid with his clothes off and covered in salad cream but repressed the image, he wasn't too fond of salad cream 14 on porn anyway.'How do you feel about the photoshoot?''Dunno,' Gary's grin faded a bit. 'Be a bit odd with guys taking pictures.''Don't worry, I'll help you.''Yeah, I'll bet,' this time Gary really did laugh.'Anyway, if you're staying with Brockman and me we can practice a bit.''You living with him?' Gary asked ignoring the suggestion.'Just for a day, he's a great guy.''I'll take your word for it,' Gary stretched his legs and looked at Ash taking another slow drink of his Stella. preten no nude 17 'Practice?' he smiled.'You know,' Ash was at a loss for words for once.'Yeah, I know,' Gary dropped his voice. 'Practicing with my mate got me chucked out at home.''It won't get you thrown out here,' Ash promised. Things were looking up, Gary wasn't such a sweet and innocent after all.'OK, guys,' bleach 180 english Brock was back. He stood by the table and counted out five ten pound notes onto the table in front of each boy. 'That's a retainer. If you do a runner, we've lost fifty quid a head. If you're here Monday, we've got two pretty hot kids on the payroll.''Cheers,' Ash mumbled he was aware that Brock had spent quite a bit of money on him already. 'You keep it, you can be my Banker.''Bollocks,' Brock pushed the notes back.'I won't run,' Gary declared firmly.'Not after a night with Ash you won't,' Brock laughed. 'Come on kiddies, let's go, it's Saturday tomorrow and we need to get some food in the place. Then we can do some training.''Sex?' Ash perked up.'Tea making and cooking,' Brock grinned evilly. 'One of you must be able to make a cuppa and fry a fuckin' egg.'The Reception was empty when they left and Brock locked it on the way out, he told the two that Fergus had a bit of 'straight' business Saturday morning but otherwise the place was closed up for the weekend.A visit to Waitrose and they were on their way back home to Brock's and once inside and the greedy 4 porn website shopping stored away they relaxed. On Brock's instruction Ash had liberated the Stella and they still had about fifteen of the small botles to get bleach 5 eng dubbed them through the night.With the blatting away of the television, a mountain of sandwiches between them and the steady supply of Stella Artois the sunny afternoon turned into a warm twighlight and then darkness fell and the air got decidedly cooler.'Cor,' Ash rubbed his bare arms and grinned goofily, the 30plus moms hairy free Stella was taking it's toll. 'It's getting colder.''Put the fire on,' Brock spoke to Gary. 'We don't want our little baby getting cold.''Your little baby,' Gary guffawed. He sure did have a dirty laugh when he got going.Brock smiled, Gary was getting more attractive by the moment. He wasn't as well set up as Ash but he wasn't all that different, he was about the same height, he had short brown hair compared to Ash's untidy spiky black mop and he had the most unusual green eyes which sparkled when he smiled, all in all he was a really good looking boy, better looking than Ash if the truth be known but Ash had some- thing between his legs that made him exceptional.'What about a video?' Ash peered under the VCR table. This tele's crap.''Try the one marked up Thai Boys,' Brock suggested.'Is it a horror, I like horrors,' Gary giggled into his bottle of lager.'Yeah, course it is,' Ash peered at the video caseless and with a plain white sticker on the spine, the 38e porn title had obviously handwritten. 'By the pricking of my plumbs, something porno this way comes.' laughing helplessly at his own attempt at humour he fumbled around and battlefield 3 prone got the cassette into the machine and then slipped back onto sofa alongside one arm deliberately shoving Gary into the middle between himself and Brock.'Nothing happening,' Gary glared at the Nine O'Clock News. 'It's bust.''I think you have to press the button, girls.' Brock grabbed the remote and pressed the required buttons. He'd seen this film may times before but it would be interesting to see the reaction of pics4 sexy gallery his guests.The film opened in a Thai street market and the first section concentrated on two rather girly kids meeting and then going home to do the dirty. It wasn't anything to get overexcited about.Brock paused it as the section ended.'What's Table for Two?' Ash barely 16 porn movies asked.'That's the next bit,' Brock informed him. 'Comments?''Crap,' Ash declared decisively. 'They kept on getting soft. They didn't seem all that interested .....''All good comments,' Brock looked sideways at Gary. 'What say you, G?''They were very effinim...., effumin .....' He gave up. 'Very girly. poofy sorta thing.''Well done, class,' Brock beamed. Both kids were tipsy at least and they'd read the first and poorest section of the film exactly as he read it himself. 'They could have done better ...... press on, I gott have a pee,' he passed the remote to Gary.He half expected the pair to be groping at least when he returned but the two were engrossed in the long haired Thai clouting down a dusty road on a small motor cycle.'He looks quite nice,' Gary's eyes were fixed on the windblown figure on the bike.The scene shifted to a roadside cafe/bar where another stockier Thai was reading a book and enjoying a can of something cold. The two met, chatted and drove off for a swim, cue for two young Thais in costumes to snog, grope and generally make out set to some obscure if pleasant music.'Cor, adult toys 4 men they gonna do the dirty,' Ash whined, his jeans were showing a definite bulge, the two on screen were turning him on. Gary looked at Brock and grinned unseen by Ash he pointed at Ash's crotch and silently mouthed 'stiffy.'Brock PORN HORSE TUB3 SEX nodded, at least one of them was getting it on but then again a quick look down and he could see that Gary was showing a lump albiet not detrola 576 as pronounced as the dark haired boy's but a lump all the same.The Thais ran from the water and up the beach into a bamboo plantation where they found a conveniently placed towel and proceeded to go through the motions.One kissed and then blew his mate, the 12yo sex angel mate reciprocated. They sixty -nined with gusto and both these kids were hard, ban 10 hentai pics no softies in this scene. One lapped at the others pucker and carried out a girls 16 non nude brief fuck, turnaround and the other did exactly the same.'Gimme a wank,' Ash whispered theatrically to Gary.'Fuck off,' Gary squeaked.Brock smiled, things were looking up. Glancing down he could see that both his little pals were now showing quite clear signs of arousal. Gary adjusted himself with a guilty glance around.'This is it,' Brock whispered. 'Watch the cum shots.'The two Thais lay out with their legs between each other so that the middle of each boy was in camera range. The stockier of the two was the first to come although not very impressively but the skinny lad made a meal of it. The closeups were excellent and just before he spurted his cock seemed to swell and throb before shooting numerous jets of 18 tiny porn gg4-mylexus-group-8 gleaming white cum up onto his tanned belly and his hand. He must have shot six or seven times his belly was covered with the oozing pearly liquid.'Fuckin' 'ell,' Ash sighed. 'That was some cum that was.''Ditto,' Gary breathing heavily looked around at Brock. 'That was better than the first one.''If you two could cum like that on a bed side by side I'd be well pleased,' Brock smiled. 18 street latina 'As your Coach of course.''I could do that,' Ash looked at Gary. 'What say, Gary.''I dunno,' Gary was uncertain. 'By ourselves?''I shouldn't think so,' Ash grinned, half drunk or not he wasn't dumb. 'I think Coach here's got a camera tucked away somewhere.'Brock just nodded, it was all down to Gary.'Yeah, why not,' Gary looked at Brock shyly. 'It's training anyway, innit?''Come down here,' Brock led then down the small passage past the so called guest bedroom which was theirs to another room which he unlocked.'Wondered what was in here,' Ash murmured and peered 8 ball porn around the door.The room contained a made up bed, some minimal furniture but overhead lights were rigged on a flimsly gantry, two expensive cameras and a camcorder were sititng in the corner ready for action.'Just stand by the bed, have a snog, undress each other and have a wank,' Brock issued his instructions, he wasn't expecting to get an Oscar for board3 cgiworld dreams this one he just wanted to see how the two boys reacted to each other. It was a full two weeks before filming started and the boys needed to be totally natural by then something like the last two Thais, they had to look like lovers 27 bathroom vanity even if they weren't. This one was an experiment, both boys were tipsy if not drunk and it would be interesting if nothing else.'I'm embarassed,' Gary buried his face in Ash's neck as the dark skinned boy nuzzled at his throat, he gave a little hop as Ash's hand grabbed a handful of crotch.'Nothing to be embarassed about there,' Ash whispered, the smaller boy wasn't as big as 16yr girl nude he was in the penis stakes but he was hard and seemed to be of average size.'Ooh,' Ash,' Gary reddened as Ash unbottoned his shirt and started to peel it off displaying a well formed chest. He started to undo Ash. Both had light sports shirts on so this bit should be easy.'Sit on the bed to get rid of your trainers and socks,' Brock advised ever on the move with the camcorder whirring.Both boys obeyed and Brock observed that Gary was getting into Ash's snogging, the blush had almost disappeared and he seemed to like Ash's constant kissing and licking.Footwear and socks gone the boys playfully wrestled on the bed, waistbands unclipped, zips drawn slowly down and then a gradual removal of two pairs of jeans.Brock zoomed in; Ash huge cock was fully aroused tenting out his boxers and there was already a moist patch visible. Gary was wearing briefs but his cock was also at full stretch, he seemed to be around a six incher which was respectable for a kid of his built and he vintage 80 s porn too had a damp spot front and centre.'Yum, yum,' Brock spreadeagled the lighter boy and nuzzled at his erection through the material of his briefs.'Help,' Gary was laughing and writhing around as Ash had decided to tickle him at the same time 5 on it adult as assaulting his crotch. 'We're supposed to be wanking.''Tell the whole street,' Brock observed dryly. 'Back to the script Ash, you've got all buy 25mg caverta night to play with your chum.''Have I?' Ash grinned.'Has he?' Gary also grinned and auburn sorority murder 3-5-08 playfully grabbed at Ash's monster, meeting no resistance he grasped the turgid mass and gently squeezed. 'Jeez,' he whispered.'Get 'em off lads,' Brock whispered and zoomed in yet again on the boyish lumps still hidden by underwear.Surprisingly enough Gary was the first to expose himself peeling his briefs down allowing his pale skinned cuircumcised penis to jump free. It articolo 31 fuck you jutted out and up, it's coral head shiny with precum and the boy's almost hairless ballsac tight up 16sex picture under the base of his cock. Gary wasn't too far from coming.'Show me,' Gary looked at Ash and smiled sweetly .'Let's see what you've got.'Ash did just that,' he peeled down his boxers firstly exposing his small pubic bush, then the base of his cock and then allowing the whole eight inches to spring out into the spotlights, a long string of cum spun from the end like the beginning of a spider's web. He swiped it off with his hand and licked it off.'Jeezus,' Gary howled and flopped on the bed covering his face. 'That is so gross,' he peeped through his hands at Ash and laughed. 'You are one dirty fuck.'Brock smiled and continued to film, things were going even better than he'd hoped, Ash was truly a star in the making.'I'll show you how dirty,' Ash dived on the other boy and wrestled him flat out, he had the weight advantage and knew it, he brushed aside Gary's flailing arms and grasping the boy's erection in his hand he slowly and deliberately lapped across the weeping glans tasting Garry sweetness for the very first time. 'Yummy,' he opined.'Ooh, Ash,' Gary's arms flopped and his body went limp as he felt the dark haired boy's wet suction on his cock.' His hands found their way to Ash's head and he ruffled spiky black hair as the boy's head bobbed up and down.'Spin around Ash .... sixty- niner,' Brock prompted.Ash obliged and still sucking on Gary's boy hard started to turn.'I dunno about this,' Gary started getting worried as Ash's pendulous cock emitting a steady stream of precum came nearer his face.'Just wank me,' Ash demanded urgently. 'You don't have to suck it.''I can't get that fuckin' great thing in my mouth,' Gary squealed knowing in the depths of his being that he wanted to and that he would sooner or later. he had this craving to taste Ash's monstrous cock and the creamy white sauce that went with it. Ash was doing him and he should do Ash. Let's face it, they'd have to get to it for the film so why not now. He tentatively swiped his tongue across Ash's slit removing a bead of cum.'Good man,' Ash breathed heavily and gently lowered his midriff.Gary went bosseyed as he stared at the weeping 1980 playboby playmates head nearing his lips. Fuck it. The mental command went from his brain to his body and he grasped the firm meaty lump and raised his head taking the spongy lump into his wet warmth. He'd done it.'Good boy,' Brock breathed. Mission acomplished. Two stars and both ready for concentrated rehearsals.Ash was enjoying himself, Gary had a nice firm cock, it was't as large as his and Brock's but it was mansized and tasted so nice, he slipped his lips up and down the firm shaft taking time out to lick around the rim of the glans and the tickly bit underneath, Gary moaned in appeciation as Ash did a class job. He toyed with Gary's tight ballsac and a finger strayed down.'Oooh,' Gary twitched and nearly bit Ash's cock as he felt the other boy's finger brush across his hole. 'Whatcha doing?''Feeling your boy fanny,' Ash firmly pressed and felt the anal muscle yield a little. A quick lick of the finger and try again.'That's slippery,' Gary giggled around a mouthful of 220 volt porn hot boymeat.'Yeah,' Ash sighed and pushed. There was a squeak from the boy beneath who'd lifted his legs a little making Ash's job all the easier. Ash's probing finger penetrated the target and he worked the tip of his finger in and around, nothing too forceful, nothing too harsh. He heard Gary sigh and then the legs went up a bit more. Ash grinned as he sucked, the kid was hooked. The rest could save for later. He just pushed a little more of his finger into Gary's tight warmth and worked it to and fro.'I'm gonna come,' Gary squealed clamping his bum on Ash's finger and desperately tried to fuck upwards into Ash's hot wet mouth.'Go for it,' Ash gobbled and sank his mouth onto the boy as far as he could go, he felt Gary's smooth glans slip down to his choke point and then the hot blast of cum, he choked and pulled back but Gary spurted a second and larger load of thick creamy semen which Ash eagerly swallowed.Gary pumped and came again. He'd played around in the past with other boys and part of the reason he was on the road was his capture by his Dad. He and his young mate Tony had played with each other and both achieved a limax but nothing like this. Ash was sucking him dry and he was still spurting little squirts and splashed. He was well and truly knackered.Then came the moment of truth. Without any warning Ash groaned and his big cock jerked and a long stream of boy juice splattered into the back of Gary's throat. Swallow or choke, there was little option. Gary gulped down the hot juice and tried to break free but he was virtually pinned to the bed with Ash's big cock in his mouth doing the pinning. 16 military wives lyrics A lot of splashing and sucking, gasping and gobbling at the thick juice that seemed to fill his mouth again and again and it was all over.'You were great,' Ash with a big grin on his dark face rolled around and covered Gary with his body and furiously kissed the startled and totally spend kid on the lips.'Gawd,' Gary mumbled in a mixture of embarassment and surprise, he'd enjoyed it apart from nearly choking, he'd make sure he was on top next time. 'You had your finger up my bum,' he accused his grinning partner.''Good pics, kids,' Brock sat on the bed alongside them totally unconcerned at the totally manic Ash crawling over the smaller boy still kissing and lapping at the now giggling Gary.'Stop it, stop 1960 s female naturapath it,' Gary spluttered and then fell quiet as Ash's lips met his and a fierce kiss turned into something a little more gentle. 'You taste cummy,' he smiled shyly as his and Ash's tongues did a little dance.'That's it, kids,' Brock stood to go.'Not quite,' Ash also stood farm lesson 12 hentai and slipped behind the photographer.'Come on, stop fucking about. I want a drink,' Brock protested but was pushed onto the bed where he found Gary all over him laughing and attacking his buttons and zips.'Drinks later,' Ash switched off the spots and jumped onto the bed knocking the air out of the struggling man. 'Do you want to see a fuck, Gary-man?'Eyes wide open, Gary just nodded. 'Yeah, do I get a go?''Why not,' Ash grinned. 'We gotta practice ain't we lover?' He smiled down at his landlord. 'Part of the rent you might say, two boys for cesare paciotti 4 us the price of one.''Oh, my Gawd,' Brock groaned. It was going to be another long night The End for comments/criticisms.The Rent Boy was meant to be a one off but 14 inch cock facial I had a couple of requests for more and a couple of suggestions so here it is. This will continue now; the boys have their photoshoot and we have to set the filming up ..... I've got a funny feeling there will be sex along the way.
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